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Verbal Identity

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Key Messages

Inspired by history

Archipelago draws heavily from Philippine colonial history. From its visual identity down to its verbal tone, the brand is rooted in the Filipino heritage with emphasis on sharing Filipino stories through Archipelago products. Archipelago is not just the essence of the Philippines’ rich flavor. It is also the product of Filipino hands, from different cultures, from start to finish.

The abundance of the Philippine islands

While every detail of the brand is deeply rooted in Filipino culture and history, it also wants to show the abundance, bounty and richness of this tropical paradise not only through its visuals but through its verbal identity as well.

A deep focus on craft, quality and authenticity

Archipelago embraces ingenuity and innovation to push the envelope of the possible. Constantly applying research, history and best practices to its craft, Archipelago produces award-winning spirits the Philippines can be truly proud of.

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