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Verbal Identity

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Brand DNA

Archipelago takes off from its passionate owners and creators, who really value the integrity of the product above all.

Vision & Mission

As a pioneer within the Philippines, Full Circle Distillers aims to represent the best of the country’s heritage and culture by creating world-class spirits that elevate people’s appreciation and understanding of the archipelago.
Full Circle stands by their commitment to craft, doing everything at the highest quality without compromise. From their modern facility in Laguna to their partnerships with local farming communities, all their actions communicate their core values of integrity and pride of place.

Brand Values


Quality is never shortchanged in the process. Transparency, integrity, and a genuine love for craft are the foundations of the brand.

Hand crafted

Commitment to craft is reflected in the art of distilling and the dedicated care these spirits require

Rooted in Filipino heritage


Archipelago is a showcase of uniquely Filipino culture, heritage, and flavor. It is a taste of the Philippine terroir.

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