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Note Taking (For Students)

Note Taking (For Students)

Hi all, I have developed a simple note taking template for people to be able to use in their lectures. Everyone has a different style of note taking, so I have developed two note taking solutions. Most students fall into either of these three categories:
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The Basic Note:
Students of this category tend to write their notes using the outlining method or sentencing method. The outlining method consists of titles and subtitles. The sentencing method consists of individual sentences written vertically. Both of these don’t have much structure, so the basic note will be a blank box which will allow you to structure your note in which ever way you enjoy.

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Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 3.49.22 PM.png

The Cornell Style Note:
Students of this category enjoy structure in their note taking and love to outline their information written. There is a cue box on the left and a notes box on the write. On the bottom, there is also a conclusion box to allow you to summarize your notes if desired. This structure will allow you to have your notes relatively organized.

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The Charting Style Notes:
Students of this category like to have different categories and put their notes within them. There are three boxes, each with the option to edit the title name and allows you to enter your notes within them. This structure allows you to organize your information in different categories.

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