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Yahaha Studio - October 2022

Content Brief

Talking points
Please cover the following three (3) talking points in your own style/using your own words to make the integration as natural and fun to your viewers as possible.
Yahaha Studio introduction:
YAHAHA is a brand-new UGC (user-generated content) creation platform for 3D multiplayer interactive experience. With YAHAHA, anyone can create and publish their virtual experiences.
Related assets:
No coding creating experience needed:
You can build the creation without coding experience or server knowledge. Simply use the components and smart assets in YAHAHA Studio to make your dream games!
Related assets:
Tips: We encourage you to create your own game(s) using YAHAHA Studios and show your viewers both the process & result in the integration!
Social and fun multiplayer mode:
YAHAHA supports multiplayer playing one game simultaneously in one template or one game. Players can invite friends and hang out with them. They can also meet new friends at any time in countless immersive 3D spaces and like-minded communities.
Related assets:
Call To Action
A good Call-To-Action should be short and clear (usually 1-2 sentences at the end of the integration), asking your audience to download Yahaha Studio. For example: Click the link below and join Yahaha’s early access now for free!
You can be creative and personalize this part in whichever way you think would be the most interesting to your viewers.
Video description & pinned comment
Place your personal tracking link in the video's description and pinned comment and use a Call To Action to download and try out Yahaha Studio.
EXAMPLE: "Download Yahaha Studio for free here: [PERSONAL TRACKING LINK]”.
The tracking link should be placed above the fold, first sentence in the video description. You can find your personal tracking link from your campaign page on Matchmade platform, under "Publishing date" and next to the QR code. It should look like this: ”“. In order to ensure the tracking link works as intended, do not add any letters or emojis next to the tracking link, for example Instead, keep it to the original link .
We encourage you to use Yahaha Studios to create your own game(s) and use the footage in the integration. This is the best way to personalize the integration, as well as showcase how easy and fun Yahaha Studios is!
(please make sure to have the logo on the screen at the beginning of the integration)
Additional footage (you can also use these videos in the integration):
Best of Yahaha Moments:
Only one Earth:
Good integration examples
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