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Top Eleven - December 2022

Content Brief

Talking points
Please cover the TWO (2) following talking points in your style/using your own words to make the integration as natural and fun for your viewers as possible.
Game introduction and availability:
Top Eleven is a free-to-play football management mobile game available on Google Play, App Store, Huawei (pronounced /Hua-way/), Microsoft stores and web browsers (you can use the store badges from
Top Eleven is an entire football universe in your pocket where you are in charge of every aspect of your club: from signing a team of superstars to creating your own stadium, your club - your rules! You can team up & play with your friends, win championships, customize your ground, you can collect jerseys and emblems, and lots more.
The award-winning mobile football manager game has already been played by 260 million players worldwide and has a rating of 4.6/5 stars from more than 5.5 million reviews worldwide!
There will be lots of fun, including limited-time events, competitions and prizes happening during this season of Top Eleven to celebrate this special period in football (please use this exact term), so be sure to join now!
Extra talking points:
Please pick at least one (1) point below (a or b) to mention in the integration. If you have worked with Top Eleven before, please choose a point you have not covered previously.
Four exciting competitions happen in every Top Eleven season: The League, the Cup, the Champions League, and the Super League.
3D Live Matches: Played Top Eleven before? Everything you know and love about the game is still there with 3D - it's real time competition against managers all over the world, now in 3D!
Call To Action
A good Call-To-Action should be short and clear (usually 1-2 sentences at the end of the integration), asking your audience to click the tracking link in the description and giving Top Eleven and the special event Penalty Clash a try.
You can be creative and personalize this part in whichever way you think would be the most interesting to your viewers.
Video description & pinned comment
Place your exact tracking link to the description and pinned comment and use a Call To Action to drive game download. You must place the tracking link in the first rows of the video's description.
Example: "Download Top Eleven 2023 to run your football club now: [your PERSONAL TRACKING LINK]".
You can find your personal tracking link from your campaign page on Matchmade platform next to the QR code. Your tracking link should look like this: "".
The brand constantly update the material folders with the newest assets available for each campaign. Therefore, do NOT use random assets you found online as they can be outdated. Please also make sure to always show relevant footage on the screen when you go through each talking point.
Logo, icon and brand-related material:
Gameplay videos and screenshots:
Note: Feel free to share your top goals/moments from playing the game in the integration. When you record with a friend or someone else, it would be great to highlight the social element of the game by playing it together. We strongly recommend showing the gameplay footage of your own club in Top Eleven as we believe this is the most natural way to promote the way.
Good integration examples
- Very smooth transition into the integration - it seems like a part of the regular content, excellent animations, good explanation of the game.
- Clear and detailed explanation, genuine recommendation, the game name was mentioned multiple times. The creator also asked the viewers for their opinion and commented on what they would do in such a situation.
- Great energy, clear and detailed explanation, good choice of footage.
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