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Top Eleven - December 2022

Basic Info & Timeline

Basic Info
Introduction: Top Eleven is a free-to-play football manager simulation game available on iOS, Android, Huawei, Microsoft store and web browsers.
Deliverable: 45-120 seconds integration in a sponsored video
Integration placement: Between 0:45-2:00 of the sponsored video
Publishing window: 13th - 18th December 2022
You can pick a publishing date when accepting the offer from us. If needed, please send us a message in the chat to change it to another date within the publishing window above.
We cannot make payments to Russia and Belarus due to the current restrictions. If you or your bank account(s) is in Russia and/or Belarus, please do NOT accept this deal. If you have accepted the deal at this point, kindly send us a message in the chat.
After accepting the deal you can start working on your content:
Read through the Content Brief and the talking points.
Download Top Eleven (from , , or ) and try out the features you want to cover with the help of this guide: .
Start working on the integration and your sponsored video.
Submit your draft video:
Upload your full video draft including the integration (with subtitles enabled) to YouTube as an unlisted video. Send the draft link to us by clicking the “Submit Content” button on your campaign page. Please do this 7 days before the publishing date.
If you need more time, please let us know as soon as possible.
Once you have submitted the draft, you can ignore the automatic reminder emails.
Wait for approval from Matchmade via chat:
Kindly note that the brand and us do not work on weekends. Please expect a response from us within 1-2 business days. Do NOT publish the content without approval.
If you get any requests to change something, make those edits and resubmit the content for review and wait for approval before publishing
Publish your content on the publishing date:
If the content is approved, you must publish the sponsored video on a date within the publishing window.
After the publishing date:
We will check if the video is live and everything is going as agreed
You will receive a message from us in the deal chat to let you know when you can fill in the payment info. After all necessary info is added, your payment will be made according to the which is effective now.
At this point, if you have any questions or issues, please check out our
. If you still cannot find an answer, please get in touch with our Customer Support team
Integrate the sponsored part into the other parts of the video as smoothly as you can, so it seems that it's part of the regular content. A smooth transition will bring much better results since the sponsored content seems more genuine to your viewers.
Be yourself and be enthusiastic about the talking points. We always aim for long-term partnerships, so a successful deal may result in another partnership opportunity/ an offer to buy out your content to use in the brand's display campaigns.
Top Eleven must be the only sponsor in the video. Please also make sure there is no YouTube ad during the integration.
The name "Top Eleven" and its logos should be used as many times as possible to build brand awareness, but keep it at a level that feels natural to you and your viewers.
Feel free to interact with your viewers who comment about Top Eleven, like the comments that say they downloaded/liked the game. Please don’t get into disputes with negative comments about the game.
Please submit the full video draft instead of just the integration draft for review if possible. The video quality should be as high as possible (ideally at least 1080p).
If you have any questions or problems about the game or the campaign, feel free to ask via chat.
The integration, and any content posted in connection with the integration, must not suggest that you, Nordeus or Top Eleven is a partner/sponsor of, or affiliated or associated with, FIFA or the World Cup. To avoid any such suggestion, you must not use:
any of FIFA’s official marks or protected rights including (but not exclusively) the Qatar 2022 logo, the official mascot, the official trophy, the FIFA logo, World Cup tickets, the official poster, “NOW IS ALL” (the official slogan), “FIFA World CupQatar 2022”, “FIFA World Cup”, “World Cup”, “Qatar 2022”, “FIFA”, “Copa Mundial”, “Coupe du Monde”, “Mundial” or “La’eeb” (the mascot’s name);
and/or any images or recordings of players, teams and/or stadiums participating or featuring at the World Cup.
If you wish to make any reference to the World Cup 2022 tournament then please check with the Nordeus team before posting.
Do NOT show incorrect gameplay footage + game mechanics. If you are unsure how to play the game, please use this guide: or contact us.
Do NOT mention "Tokens" (Top Eleven's in-game currency) excessively in the integration or making it an integral part. Your viewers must understand Top Eleven is NOT a Pay-To-Win game.
Do NOT reuse an old integration if you have previously done an integration for Top Eleven.
Do NOT show Top Eleven's partners' jerseys. You can, however, mention that the game has official club jerseys in the club shop.
Do NOT place the integration at the beginning of the video since this might negatively affect the performance of the sponsored video as your viewers are more likely to skip it. In our experience, integrating in the first couple of minutes but not at the very beginning brings the best results.

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