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SquadBlast - February 2023 - Dedicated

Basic Info & Timeline

Basic Info
Introduction: SquadBlast is a multiplayer side-scrolling tactical shooter. Its team-based battles are an innovative take on a shooter that you must experience — meticulously balanced for fairness and incredibly easy to pick up and play.
Deliverable: a dedicated sponsored video with the same length as your usual content/videos, in which you play SquadBlast and share your opinion about the game with your viewers.
Publishing window: You can see the publishing window and pick a publishing date when accepting our offer. If needed, please send us a message in the chat to change it to another date. Note that the latest possible publishing date is 17th February.
Due to the current restrictions, we cannot make payments to Russia and Belarus. If you or your bank account(s) are in Russia and/or Belarus, please do NOT accept this deal. If you have accepted the deal, kindly send us a message in the chat.
After accepting the deal you can start working on your content:
Read through the Content Brief and the talking points.
Download SquadBlast on and and try out the features you want to cover.
Start working on the dedicated video.
Submit your draft video:
Send your draft as an unlisted YouTube video (with subtitles enabled) by clicking the “Submit Content” button on your campaign page. Please do this 7 days before the publishing date. For this campaign, you don’t have to submit the full video draft, an integration draft is sufficient.
If you can’t meet the deadline or no longer want to continue with the deal, please let us know in the chat as soon as possible.
Wait for approval from Matchmade via chat:
Kindly note that the brand and us do not work on weekends. Please expect a response from us within 1-2 business days.
Do NOT publish the content without approval.
If the video is NOT approved → check our comments in chat, make the necessary changes/corrections to your video draft, and resubmit the content for review again.
Publish your content on the publishing date:
If the integration is approved, you can publish your video on the agreed publishing date.
After the publishing date:
We will check if the video is live and everything is going as agreed.
You will receive a message from us in the deal chat to let you know when you can fill in the payment info. After all necessary info is added, your payment will be made according to the which is effective now.
At this point, if you have any questions or issues, please check out our
. If you still cannot find an answer, please get in touch with our Customer Support team.
General recommended playtime for the game: 1 hour.
Keep in mind that SquadBlast's age rating is 12+. Therefore, please try to avoid swearing excessively and explicit language in the dedicated sponsored video. If you do, kindly hide them during production, for example, replace the F word with a beep sound.
If you have any questions or problems with the game or the campaign, feel free to ask in the chat.
The game is not available on MacOS.
SquadBlast must be the only sponsor in the video. Please also make sure there is no YouTube ad throughout the whole dedicated video.
The dedicated sponsored video should have an open format, with commentary on the game. The rest is all up to your own creative decisions!
Be yourself and be enthusiastic! Remember, it's contagious and would result in your viewers giving the game a chance and contributing to a successful campaign.
In order to ensure the tracking link works as intended, do not add any letters or emojis next to the tracking link, for example Instead, keep it to the original link .
We reserve the full right to cancel the deal if you, as the content creator — through the content that you produce or through your actions — are determined not a good fit for the brand.

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