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PUBG Mobile - Evergreen

Basic Info & Timeline

Basic Info
Introduction: PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular free-to-play mobile games in the world with 50M daily players. Enjoy more than 10 different game modes while playing solo, duo or squad. The game frequently gets updated with fresh new content and amazing collaboration such as Spiderman, Jujutsu Kaisen, Evangelion and even Dragon Ball Super!
Deliverable: 60-120 seconds integration in a sponsored video
Integration placement: after the video intro and within the first 25% of the sponsored video
Publishing window: 13th - 29th September 2022
You will be able to pick a publishing date when accepting the offer from us. If needed, please send us a message in the chat to change it to another date within the publishing window above.
We cannot make payments to Russia and Belarus due to the current restrictions. If your bank account(s) is in Russia and/or Belarus, please do NOT accept this deal. If you have accepted the deal at this point, kindly send us a message in the chat.
After accepting the deal you can start working on your content:
Read through the Content Brief and the talking points
Download PUBG Mobile (/) and try out the game.
Start working on the integration and your sponsored video
Submit your draft video:
Send your draft as an unlisted YouTube video to us by clicking the “Submit Content” button on your campaign page. Please do this 7 days before the publishing date.
If you need more time, please let us know as soon as possible.
Wait for approval from Matchmade via chat:
Do NOT publish the content without approval. It often takes 2-3 days to receive the brand's feedback/approval.
If you get any requests to change something, make those edits and resubmit the content for review and wait for approval before publishing
Publish your content on the publishing date:
If the content is approved, you must publish the sponsored video on a date within the publishing window
After the publishing date:
We will check if the video is live and everything is going as agreed
You will receive an email regarding how to fill in your payment details or how to send us an invoice within a few business days. After you have filled in your payment info, your payment will be made according to our .
At this point, if you have any questions or issues, please check out our
. If you still cannot find an answer, please get in touch with our Customer Support team
What you should do
PUBG Mobile must be the only sponsor in the video.
Always mention the game's full name as PUBG Mobile, not PUBG.
Make sure there is no YouTube ad during the integration.
If the language of the draft is not English, make sure to enable subtitles before submitting the draft to us.
Try to integrate the integration into the sponsored video as smoothly as you can. A smooth transition typically brings better results since the sponsored content seems more genuine to your viewers.
Be yourself and be enthusiastic! Remember, it's contagious and would result in your viewers giving the game a chance and contributing to a successful campaign.
What you must NOT do
Do NOT mention or compare PUBG Mobile with other games within the integration.
Do NOT use/show any other games' visual materials in the integration (this also applies if you usually use a character or design from other games to be your avatar/narrator in the integration). Due to legal reasons, only PUBG Mobile visual assets are allowed to be shown on the screen.
Do NOT mix up between PUBG and PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile is not affiliated with PUBG (PUBG has its own mobile game and these two are different).
Do NOT call the game as "PUBG". Instead, use its full name "PUBG Mobile".
Do NOT mention the following words: war, conflict, violent, massacre or any similar words within the integration. The image of the game must remain to be playful, fun, and amusing for entertainment.
Do NOT mentioned or discuss sensitive topics such as wars or social conflicts.
Do NOT talk about political/religious/racial related comments.
Do NOT include any of the following elements: nudity, sex, vulgar language, pornographic, etc.
If you have any questions or problems about the game or the deal, feel free to ask via the campaign chat.
If you use different music/sounds from what we provide, please make sure they are free from copyrights.
The campaign timeline and specs may still be subject to change and our team will try to communicate all possible changes to you in the chat. Therefore, please check the status of the campaign in the chat actively after you accept the deal.
We reserve the full right to cancel the deal if you, as the content creator — through the content that you produce or through your actions — are determined not a good fit for the brand.

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