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Ace Defender - January 2022

Basic Info & Timeline

Basic info
is an SRPG game, featuring not only monster battles but also elements of the Tower Defence game, components of the idle genre, high-quality graphics of the fantasy world, and more!
: Integration video of 45-120 seconds with 5 talking points + 1 Call-To-Action (see Content Brief) + a tracking link & hashtag in video’s description and pinned comment
Integration placement
: within the first 15% of your video
Publishing window
24th - 31st January 2022.
We put a generic publishing date in the offer and you can change it to any date within the publishing window by messaging us.

After accepting the deal:
Download Ace Defender from
and play
Start working on your video
Upload the full video as “Unlisted” with your personal tracking link in the description
Once your video draft is ready:
Send us the unlisted video link via the
If you cannot meet the deadline, please let us know as soon as possible
Before the publishing date:
Wait for Matchmade’s approval on your video draft via chat:
If the content is approved → You can publish the video on agreed publishing date.
If the content is NOT approved → check our comments via chat, make the necessary changes/corrections to your video draft and resubmit the content for review again.
Make sure you have done everything in the To-do List.
After the publishing date:
We will check if the video is live and everything is going as agreed.
You will receive an email regarding how to fill in your payment details or how to send us an invoice within 3 business days. After you have filled in your payment info, the payout will be made within 14 days.
At this point, if you have any questions, please check out our
. If you still cannot find an answer, please get in touch with our Customer Support team.

If you have any questions/problems about the app or the campaign, feel free to ask via the campaign chat.
Ace Defender must be the only sponsor in the video. Make sure there is also no YouTube ad during the integration.
Please try to upload the drafts to YouTube for us to review at the highest resolution possible, ideally at 1080p (HD) at the lowest.
Appear on camera (in frame or in other way) for some of the talking points, if you usually appear on camera.
Focus on creating the content, not creating an ad → we want the integration to feel authentic. Be yourself and be enthusiastic! Remember, it's contagious and would result in your viewers giving the game a chance and contributing to a successful campaign.
If you use the video footage we provide, make sure the mp4 player top bar is cut out/ not shown in the frame.
Do NOT reference religion, disabilities (physical or mental), ethnicity, negative gender, race or sexual identity stereotypes, politics, or country of origin. Be mindful of news events and international relations.
Do NOT include in your posts any military markings or maps displaying actual geographic locations, outside of markings and maps available in any game.
Do NOT spoof game related content such as characters, commercials, etc. However, respectful humor is acceptable.
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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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