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Quickstart guide

How to get started faster - all you need to know
If you want to skip the reading and introduction stuff, follow these steps.
Select a
that suits your need, or
Use the
, to navigate to the first of the exercises on your “path”.
Use the buttons for each exercise to register that an exercise has been started or completed.
Work your way through each exercise on the Purposeful Life Tracker - as you “complete“ each exercise you will be prompted to the next exercise. You can add new exercises along the way by selecting them in the
- which has a complete list of all exercises in the toolbox.
As you do this, remember to stay focussed on why you selected this “path” and consolidate your learnings along the way.
Consider using the
exercises and worksheets to help you document insights.
is the final exercise in the list. It comprises several exercises designed to help you live a purposeful life, with a focus on four aspects of your life that you have already worked on in the Roots and Grow sections.
you need to perform to achieve a task oriented goal. These exercises are designed to manage your tasks or actions to achieve objectives or goals.
or routines you need to develop in order to become your ”better self”. These exercises are designed to help you manage and track your new habits or routines.
learning and growth
you need to do in order to achieve your objectives. These exercises are designed to help you learn what you study manage your learning goals.
Finally, the
Life balance
you need to maintain Ito stay energised and focussed throughout this journey.
is presented here as the final exercise after you have completed the other exercises - but in practice you can start on this at any time. It is designed as a monthly cycle, similar to the Deming PDCA cycle, where you start each month with exercises to plan the coming month, followed by daily planning and reflection as a sort of online journal with weekly checkpoints, and ending with a monthly review where you reflect on the month before starting again to plan a new month.
exercises also integrate with your Google Calendar so you can bring your business tasks in sync with your purposeful life tasks, habits and learning goals.
provides some basic KPIs to help track progress through the Toolbox

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