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A set of exercises and worksheets to support your purposeful life journey

Welcome to the Purposeful Life Toolbox.

The Purposeful Life Toolbox is a collection of closely connected exercises that are designed to help you lead a life full of purpose. I have created this toolbox to support the needs of my own coaching and mentoring clients. My goal is to continue developing this content so it can be used by people to self-coach, with limited or no coaching support from someone life me. This is a work in progress!

The exercises in this toolbox are designed to help you address one of five fairly specific personal development challenges you may be facing:
You may be seeking “purpose” in your life as a guide to help you plan and develop yourself in a purposeful way,
You may be concerned that your life is “Out of Balance” and are looking for a guide to understand your
life balance
to make changes to address this imbalance,
You may be a
job seeker
and are looking for guidance on what direction you should choose for your work life now,
You may be struggling with change –
how to follow through on goals
you have set for yourself,
You may have decided that part of your Purposeful Life is to embrace Life Coaching and are looking for east access to the tools and techniques to support your growth journey as a Life Coach.

The worksheets and exercises in this toolbox have been created to support these five scenarios, and while the outcome of each scenario may be different, many of the tools and worksheets are the same. For example, scenarios 1, 2 and 4 all require that you understand yourself, your core values and strengths in the “roots” chapter of the toolbox, and scenarios 1, 2 and 4 all involve setting personal goals and following through on those goals.

of the toolbox (
) describes each scenario in a little more detail and presents a “flow” of activities to undertake, in recommended sequence, in order to coach yourself through that scenario. Of course, if you’re working with a Life Coach on this scenario then the sequence, and indeed the tools themselves, may vary depending on your dialogue with the coach and how you decide to proceed.

of the toolbox
) focusses on the tools and worksheets that help you describe your “roots” who you are, what you love, your passion and your life balance. Much of the content in this “roots” chapter is inspired by the Ikigai concept as well as more academic research focussed on life purpose. Several of the tools in this chapter also act as “bridges” to the “grow” chapter where you then focus on goals. For example, the Life Candidates exercise encourages you to investigate different life scenarios so you can then conduct “experiments” to finally select a course of action. These experiments are then a “bridge” to the “grow” chapter where you set goals and objectives, and to the Purposeful Life Journal where you define concrete actions to be done in the coming month and plan them day-by-day. The goal of this chapter is that you understand yourself well enough to start to plan for your future and the change you would like to make.

of the toolbox (
) focusses on the tools and worksheets that help you plan your growth, the goals for your life, for the next few years, for this year, and then concrete actions to achieve these goals. This chapter is built around goal setting principles as well as research on habits and managing change in general. The goal of this chapter is that you have well formed goals, broken down into objectives and activities and that you have prioritised these goals in order to focus on one goal at a time.

of the toolbox (
) contains the tools and worksheets of the Purposeful Life Journal. At the heart of this last section is a
exercise that you can use as a daily journal, either from within Coda or as a paper journal.

These exercises are based on extensive research and experience on topics of perssonal development and Life Coaching. In many cases the exercises connect closely with related literature you may find of interest as you pursue your own life purpose.

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