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Amanda Boyd's Coda DOCtorate Application
Amanda Boyd

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About Me

Oh my what can I tell you about myself that won't bore you to death? Here I go!

🗺️ Where I’m from

Native of Indianapolis and currently preparing to move abroad by 2025.

🎢 What I like to do

When I’m not working as a registered nurse you can find me with my five children and my family. #familyfirstalways

❇️ How I learn

I’m one of those rare humans who learn through hearing, seeing, and doing equally. The upside to this is I have an amazing gift to teach anyone anything. The downside is it takes me a bit longer than others to learn (at least in my mind, lol).

👩🏽‍💻Why I’m here

I think there is a lack of simple yet mighty public health tools that focus on providing resources to families in minority and at-risk communities. I’d like to learn from others on how and if I can create resources that address this need.

✏️ My Project

A major roadblock to the success of minority professionals is the inability to plan and be organized. In other cultures, the basics of time management and productivity are more likely to be taught.
As a mother of five young adults, I wanted to make sure they had these necessary skills before they entered the workforce. I’m sure you have heard of many productivity methods and applications. It’s overwhelming!
was the first method that made any sense to me. Unfortunately, there are no tools that work specifically with this method. I’d like to solve this problem. Making GR the Agile Way accessible to all who desire to use it.

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