Retrofit assessment

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Assessment of your house currently

This is a plan to improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce the carbon footprint. We have carried out a general survey of your home to identify the potential for improvement. This first section gives a brief summary of the current state of your home based on the survey and any issues discussed. If you wish to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate for your property we will need to lodge the assessment and pay the relevant fees.
This section covers the basic assessment. In the appendix you will find the SAP and PAS assessments and notes which give a more detailed description of specific issues in your property. This includes ventilation, condensation damp and mould analysis and any visible structural faults.
The other sections listed above are more technical in their nature and include details specifically required as part of the PAS 2035 assessment process.
Current assessment of your house
Fabric assessment
Heritage and planning
Mid-terrace house on two floors
Gas central heating
B 1900-1929
Solid brick walls
No trickle vents (for 'background' ventilation)
Standard building
uPVC double glazing of up to 15 years old
Extract ventilation to kitchen and bathroom
Loft with some insulation
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The condition of the house was assessed on a non-invasive basis so we don’t know the condition of your sub floor, how well the cavity walls were insulated etc. We were able to see from the certification that the walls between the garage and the house were insulated along with the other cavities. We could also see that the skeiling (the slopey roof in the bathroom) was insulated as well.
Floor plans
Image description
Whole house
14 Cambridge Road floor plan.JPG
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