PAS 2035 Assessment for Flat 12 ECO Towers

This report forms the assessment part of PAS 2035 it will be revised as the project progresses and can then be used as an ongoing record of the project for the use of all those involved in the project. The report includes the following sections:
Retrofit assessment
This section covers the house as is and includes all the sections required by PAS 2035
Also if required
Retrofit plans
This section covers the elements required from the retrofit co-ordinator
For suitable projects also include
Installation and completion
Retrofit designs
Claim of compliance
Handover documents
Monitoring and evaluation
What the assessment says
Appendix (assessment documents)
Documents in the appendix constitute the more technical side of PAS 2035 and encompass a full assessment of the home and include the documentation that will be uploaded to Trustmark when the project is lodged. These are stored as a ZIP file as they are in a variety of formats.
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