The retrofit co-ordinator is the person with overall responsibility for each stage of the project, sometimes also fulfilling specific project roles for which they are also qualified.
Initially the co-ordinator will take the details of the house from the assessment and use these along with conversations with the client to produce an improvement option evaluation and a medium term improvement plan for the house.
The co-ordinator will then stay with you for the rest of the project overseeing the design, installation and evaluation of the project and lodging these details with Trustmark to achieve a compliant retrofit project.
Your retrofit co-ordinator for this project is Alex Woodcraft
Trustmark License number: 1996944
The sections listed contain an element of duplication and are essentially different ways of looking at the options for your home. They include the figures generated from the SAP assessment of your house provided by Retrofitworks.
The sections breakdown as follows:
Proposed improvement plan details - This section covers a suggested plan of improvement for your property using figures from the SAP assessment to indicate savings.
Improvement option evaluation - This is some notes and commentary on the options suggested along with some notes on possible risks.
Carbon cost effectiveness - This shows each option and it’s carbon saving over the lifetime of the product.
Compatibility assessment - How different measures interact with each other

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