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Biodiverse improvement options for your home

As well as saving carbon you can also add lots of things to your home to improve biodiversity. There are a number of benefits from this:
Carbon capture - plants remove CO2 from the atmosphere and help combat global warming
Air quality improvements - all plants remove particulate matter from the atmosphere and some of them do it better than others
Cooling - green roofs and living walls absorb solar glare and cool down the building they are attached to
Sustainable drainage - green roofs and living walls retain water and reduce urban runoff
Biodiversity - buildings take up space that was once part of nature, putting in biodiversity features helps replace this and provides new habitats

Here are some suggestions that would be suitable for your property and an indication of there effects.
Available options
Measure and benefits
Size m2
What does it look like
Carbon captured kg a year *
Energy saving kwh per year **
Living wall - improves biodiversity cools and absorbs pollution
living wall.jpg
This could be added to the flank wall to cheer up the area here and complement the wild garden at the back.
Bat bricks and boxes - provide much needed habitat for bats
Bat box.JPG
Whilst carrying out your retrofit there may be an opportunity to add bat boxes to appropriate sites on your walls
Swift boxes - 8m above ground
swift box.JPG
These might fit nicely in your eaves, other types of bird box could be added elsewhere.
There are no rows in this table

As well as the green roofs and boxes for birds there are opportunities at your property for biodiversity improvement in the garden. Consider planting for wildlife, adding pond areas, hawthorns and other native plants.
* carbon captured figures taken from CO2 Payoff of Extensive Green Roofs with Different
Vegetation Species MDPI 2018
** energy saving figures based on reduction in heating and cooling requirements due to a green roof in Living Roofs and Walls Technical Report: Supporting London Plan Policy GLA 2008

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