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What’s your favourite product?
Snapchat is my favorite product because of three main reasons
First it’s ephemeral in nature
Second it’s disintegration with other apps
Third it’s treatment of privacy
Let me tell you bit more about each one
Snapchat’s empemrality- snapchat does a really good job of keeping the app fun, i’m often frustrated that most messaging apps have turned in places where I have to plan work. Snapchat on the other hand is where I can have light and fun conversations with friends. Messages are ephemeral and people can’t do work when messages are disappearing this makes the experience a really light and friend filled
My second point is Snapchats disintegration with other apps. Snapchat doesn’t integrate with other apps like facebook does. Snapchat is a seperate space where I can have light fun, in comparison to facebook which feels like part of my life might clash together. If I’ve just ran - my running app my post my run on facebook. All my friends can see my venmo transactions when I paid for a lunch.I don’t feel comfortable using facebook because it’s so interconnected, where as snapchat feels like a seperate place where I can be creative and have fun.
3rd privacy - facebook has botched privacy time and time again they do not deserve peoples trust and they need to do a lot more to earn that trust back. Snapchat hasn’t had these issues. And it’s unlikely to do so because the product is designed around empherality and treatment of user privacy.
These are the reasons why snapchat is my favourite product. Which is:
It’s ememparitly
It’s disintegration from other services
And it’s treatment of user privacy

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