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Operational Concerns

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Pending Questions:
Drug test. You spoke to your drug testing procedures; can we get some clarity? Do you have specific facilities nationwide that you use? Do the facilities provide you with results directly? Do you rely on the associate to provide their results to you? What is the recency of drug testing prior to placement in our facility?
@Alejandra Montiel
Please decide if you want to keep all of the below, I get the feeling they will want to use the second or third option. No way they trust the first option:
We have three available processes for drug testing:
A: We have specific drug tests that we recommend our workers to purchase, they self administer these tests and then report their results with a photo of the drug test and their identification.
B: We locally test the workers ourselves as a company, we administer mouth swabs to all of the workers and then we get the results directly and there is not any room for false results or a miscommunication of results. We can perform these tests before the shift start on site.
C: We partner with testing facilities who administer and process the tests themselves, they then share the results directly.
Background check. Same questions as above.
Every worker on our platform goes through a background check with checkr.
The coverage is as follows
@Javier Rodriguez
likely a better answer from you (JR: added below)
Social Security Trace
Sex Offender Search
Global Watchlist Search
National Watchlist Search
County Search (this is where most of the results come up)
We have our own matrix for approving and rejecting candidates, however we can openly discuss with them that violent, sexual misconduct, and drug related crimes are always flagged and manually reviewed by someone on our team.
Employment eligibility. Do you have offices in each location that you staff and is that where the associate goes to complete their I9 document? If not, what does that look like?
@Javier Rodriguez
: it seems they think we’re w2 if they’re asking about i9 documents. So starting point on this conversation is clarifying that we use 1099 contractors.
Timekeeping procedures. I think you allow mobile clocking with geo tracking, but we would also need associates to use our timekeeping system to track job functions and to properly invoice our customers. Do you have other clients who require this? How would that work? How do we reconcile between the two systems? We do not currently have daily reports available from our timekeeping system.
Are the shifts the full day for the work for the client or do they rotate between different clients throughout the day? How frequently do you get reporting from your timekeeping system?
We have clients who are third party manufacturers that request 20 workers a day for a weeks worth of work, they then split a certain number of workers up to be dedicated workers for different roles and bill those out differently, through that we post general shifts with unique titles on each one to retroactively send out invoices with the details that show that information.
You can export these timesheets at the completion of each shift.
Event clients who send us their time sheets and we adjust the times for our workers to the time sheet.
We currently have a 3PL client who sends us their times at the end of each week on Friday where we then upload that data into our system and make all necessary adjustments. We have processes in place to protect the client and to take on that risk

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