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Saddle Creek Meeting 2/24

Saddle Creek Stakeholders:
Helene Sanford – Chief People Officer
Grady Martin – VP of Engineering
Sarah O’ Neill – Sr Director, HR
Harshil Aghera – Sr Director, Tech and Innovation
HR- Melanie
We asked why they gave us an opportunity for a meeting?
They want to add an innovative platform to the mix
They like that we care about worker vetting and that we have ability to have recurring workers
They did research on the gig space and they are looking at different options.
They mentioned that some of the other apps they spoke with are not as detailed with their vetting process.
They are using 27 staffing agencies across their 80 warehouses in the USA.
They are a logistics, fulfillment and warehouse solution for their clients.
They prefer the favorites options as they are looking for recurring temp workers, and potentially converting some workers to Full-time.
Lakeland is their HQ; and they have a pretty robust pool of full-time & temp workers out of that location
Their Dallas facilities are the once with the biggest labor issues, they are also the area where they have the most postings on indeed.
Drug Testing: they are okay with the employees during oral swabs.. as long as we can have a section on our platform that they can upload the documentation or certification. They have relaxed their rules on marijuana. Main reason they want drug testing aside from being a drug free place, is that they get tax benefits
They asked us if we can flag if a worker has done to many shifts in a row.. For example, worker safety is important to them and they want to make sure workers are not doing crazy hours and then they cannot work properly or are unsafe.
The roles they typically hire for are Forklift Drivers, Warehouse, lumpers, sorter and warehouse leads
They like that we can scale quickly, if demand spikes.
They want their operators, specifically in Dallas to meet with us so they can further deep dive into our ops and platform.
Next Steps:
They are not looking for an exclusive player, since they currently have so many agencies
Helena to provide timeframes for a Dallas Operator & Warehouse Visit
They will provide their sample contract so we can start reviewing
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