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AFR Dinner Meeting

Dinner Attendees on AFR Side
Orlando Calderon- Regional VP
Raymond Fiorica - COO
Rich Dementor- VP of Phoenix
another VP (TBD)
TRABA attendees:
Mike Shebat
Paul Ubinas
Alejandra Montiel
Goal of Meeting
Launch pending cities PHX, ATL (2)
Obtain all workers for Orlando, Dallas & Houston
if not what is the hesitation?
Regional contract- for sole provider for cities we can operate in Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston & Phoenix.
Ask them how we compare to their other providers?
Growth Vision for Traba
@Luis Lasso
@Mike Shebat
what do you want to share as it relates to other city expansions- they will probably ask for big picture as to when we will
Current State:
Miami we are Sole Provider
Dallas, Orlando and Houston Ramping up
Issues We’ve Resolved:
Time Sheet Automation- Resolved that Akshay’s team is working on
Finding them reliable workers
Flex-on Demand

Background info on Journey with AFR:
Cold Field Visit - November 1, 2022 - Walked in, met with Jonathan (OPS Manager) who liked what we offer and was not happy with Veryable. He asked me if I was able to come back (2-hours later) and speak to his Regional VP who was on the way down from Orlando but needed to speak to him as he was the person I needed to convince as they were already locked in with their three staffing vendors (People Ready, Instawork & Veryable). I told him I would be back in two hours to meet with the VP. After meeting with Orlando, he liked my pitch and how was able to answer all of his q's to the point from an operational standpoint but what stood out to him was the fact that I was in-front of him in person vs Instawork who was already finalizing a deal with their Miami location but never set foot in their warehouse. I told him that this was our market and have more of a local support vs them who would only reach out by phone and he agreed. He said he needed to run this by his team and it was going to be tough to add me as a vendor that year as they were already finalizing everything and that's when I quickly thought on my feet and told him what If I was able to offer him $1,000 referral bonus for each location trying to break them out of that Instawork contract and he said that was something he was able to go back and use as leverage to his COO and worked
Phone Call - November 2, 2022 - I called him the following day and asked when we are able to start working together but asked me to follow up again in a week or try to get in contact with Jonathan before hand if anything. I called Jonathan two days straight and never picked up the phone.
Field Visit - November 4th, 2022 - I did not want to wait too long as I knew that they were finalizing a deal with Instawork who was trying to take over the Miami location (sweep it away from Veryable) and asked Sydney to help me send over a team member invite from her end (we did not have that feature yet in retool) to Jonathan as I was on my way to their warehouse. When I arrive, Jonathan was there was able to create him a profile on the portal. I then asked how was the workers for veryable working out for him and he said he really liked them-- that's when I told him if I was able to bring over all of those workers to my platform, can we start Monday and he said yes. I asked him if I could go around his warehouse and take down all of their information and he helped me gather a list of names of all of them. On that Monday we started with them and spent the whole week every morning at 8 am at the warehouse insuring that all of the workers were successfully added. That same week Orlando and COO were doing a walkthrough of the warehouse and met them and Orlando pointed out to the COO that we were the new company that he wanted to introduce to all of his market. Asked me to give the COO a quick pitch.
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