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Intro to Membership
Member Types
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We offer different types of membership, which reflect different life circumstances and commitment levels. All new members start off being a Community member.
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Membership Classes
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Waiting Period
Attendance Requirement
Members Only Events
Personal Disciplines
Required Contributions
Prayer Commitment
Mentorship Pastoral Care
Church Housing
Commitment on Time and Devotion
Community members attend church at Alabaster and wish to be relationally associated with the community.
Confession of faith and agreement with Statement of Faith; and
Baptism by submersion; and
@Financial independence
or 2) full-time enrollment in a degree-earning program
60% of Sunday services and special events
Members retreats and special services a few times per month
Weekly church fast is recommended (not req.); Occasional involvement in special fasts and prayer meetings.
10% of
, no less than
@Min. Contribution Per Capita
None; one-time volunteer opportunities may be available for special events
Eligible to apply for mentorship
Eligible to apply for church housing placement
Members who wish to intentionally serve with the church and commit their effort and skills to building the church
Same as Community
2 months of Community Membership req; 6 months rec.
75% of all required events and a significant engagement with optional events
Same as community; Additionally, working retreats and team meetings as needed depending on the projects and teams member is staffed on
Weekly church fast is required; Special fasts throughout the year, which in most cases requires 2-4 days/wk of fasting and prayer
Same as Community
Regular service roles requiring modest time and effort commitments, up to 10 hrs in typical weeks
Regular prayer coverage over church’s prayer priorities
Personal mentorship guaranteed if requested; Eligible to serve as mentor and on event ministry team
Church housing requests prioritized; May be invited to serve as house leaders
May not serve in a leadership role at any other Christian ministry, except as an income-earning employee
Members very significantly devoted to building and sustaining the church
Same as Associate
6 months of Associate Membership req; 12 months rec.
90% of all required events and 50% of optional events
All of the above; Additionally, regular leadership and team meetings in addition to Members’ events
Weekly church fast required; Special fasts throughout the year also required, usually at higher intensity than for Staff members
30% of
, no less than 3x
@Min. Contribution Per Capita
Significant (up to 20+hrs/wk) and recurring responsibilities of leadership in church
Same as Associate
Personal mentorship guaranteed; Eligible to serve in all pastoral positions
Church housing guaranteed at next opening if requested; May be invited to serve as house leaders
Same as Associate
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Community Membership
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All members enter formal relationship with the church through Community Membership. This is meant to be a highly flexible membership which is more relational in nature and allow members to devote themselves to the relationships that they have found at Alabaster and grow with the church.
There are few requirements of spiritual disciplines, and no service opportunities are expected. Community members will be invited to participate on a voluntary basis in special events, service opportunities, community-building activities, and prayer meetings from time to time. From week to week, the primary commitment is attending our Sunday service, with almost all other additional commitments being voluntary.
Eligibility: All who worship with us each week are welcome to apply. We will verify the applicant’s agreement with our Statement of Faith and that the applicant has been baptized by submersion prior to accepting their membership application.
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Associate Membership
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When Community members are ready to devote themselves to serving with the church, we invite them to apply for Associate Membership. Associate members are given different responsibilities in the church, and the Associate member is able to choose more modest or more intensive workloads depending on their interest and availability. As an example of a relatively modest workload, an Associate may serve on ushering or catering team 2 Sundays per week, attend 1 work session and a few team meetings per month, and spend a few hours per week on web development. As an example of a more intensive workload, an Associate may serve on the band playing 3-4 services a month (and attending a few hours of rehearsal each week, plus personal practice), drive students from/to service one week per month, attending 1-2 campus prayer meetings and 1-2 other church prayer meetings per week, and fast 60-90 days per year for special fasts in addition to the mandatory weekly fast. Associate members are eligible to serve in operational and certain spiritual roles, including being part of our mentorship team and special event ministry teams. While most Community members will not be involved in or present at our student ministries and special events, Associate members will serve at these special events and, if interested in campus ministry or workplace ministry, help grow these ministries.
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Core Membership
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Core members are deeply devoted to Alabaster and its place in the Kingdom. As a result, they make greater financial commitments and are invited to bear significant responsibility in our community. We rely on each and every Core member to function as a community and expect that our Core members live before God in such a way to steward the opportunities given to them in godliness and excellence.
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