Utilizing GreekTrack

This is where you’ll be able to see any upcoming forms or items due.
Add your immediate lineage members
In the top right corner, click on your name or profile.
Click the Family tab.
If you receive a message that says you do not have sufficient privilege, please reach out to your chapter president to update alumnae privileges.
View Alumnae or Elite Member Status
There are two ways to view your membership status.
When you login to GreekTrack, you will see “Welcome [your name]!” You should see a box that indicates your Membership Status along with an expiration date if you are a Semester or Annual Elite Alumna.
Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 6.43.18 PM.png
Another way to view your membership status is by viewing your profile.
In the top right corner, click on your name or profile.
Under Member Information, you will see “Official Membership Status”. This will show either Alumna or Elite Member.
Note: Viewing membership status using this method does not allow you to see your expiration date.
Job Board
View jobs listed by sisters across the nation or post a job opportunity for sisters to view!
Under More, select Job Board.

View job listings
Select the industry you are interested in. You will see job postings here in addition to sisters who are also working in the industry.

Post job listings
On the top right corner of the job board, select Post Listing.
Enter in the details requested, including the appropriate industry and the website URL to apply.
Note: any job postings you list will show your name a link to your profile along with the listing. This allows for sisters to reach out to you, as the job poster, if they have any questions. If you do not wish for sisters to reach out to you, please indicate so in the Job Description section.
View Events
Alumnae have the opportunity to view several calendars: the Chapter, Regional, and National calendar of events. As your chapter, the region’s chapter, and aKDPhi ILB update the calendar, you will be able to view events and important dates under this section.
On the main bar under your University’s name, hover your mouse over Events. You will see a dropdown for Upcoming Events, Event Calendar (your Chapter’s events), Regional Calendar, and National Calendar.
If you click into the event listed on the calendar, you will see a description of the event and who to contact for more details.
This section is where you will be able to view Files shared by ILB as well as shared by your chapter.
Under More, select Files.
Select the File you would like to view.
Completing Forms
All forms available for alumnae to complete will show on your chapter homepage. Please check back often for any forms that need to be completed. ILB will also notify you via email if there are forms to be completed.
Under More, select Forms.
Select the appropriate Form you would like to complete.
Completing Courses
Some ILB forms or submissions may be listed under Courses. You will receive a notification or a notice on your chapter homepage when there is an item due.
Under More, select Courses.
Select the Course you would like to complete.

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