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Getting started with GreekTrack

What is GreekTrack?

GreekTrack is an online member management service that is designed to assist fraternities and sororities with managing membership, finances, expansion, philanthropy, events, and more. Services are offered at both the individual chapter level as well as the national level and they bring over ten years of experience working with Greek organizations.

What is the purpose of using GreekTrack?

aKDPhi’s International Leadership Board will be using GreekTrack to merge many of our documents together into one system, including family lineage information across chapters, as well as to track achievements and awards on a national, chapter, and CAA level.

Getting Started

Activate your registration
Log into GreekTrack (GT) using the invitation link sent to your personal email.
Create a strong password that will not be easily guessable.
If you do not see an email from GreekTrack, please check your spam folder or email us at .
Complete the Setup Wizard
Follow the steps in the setup wizard to complete your setup.
What happens if I lose my spot in the Setup Wizard?
In the top right corner next to the menu bar, click on Setup Wizard to go back to the page where all steps are listed.
A local account type is defined as a type of account a member is set to and links back to their National Membership Status.

How do I contact the GreekTrack Committee?

If you have any questions or need troubleshooting, please feel free to contact the MMS Committee at . For troubleshooting, please be as specific as possible and include screenshots if applicable.
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