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Practical guides for Product and Business Innovation
xBusiness Design toolkits are practical guides that enable you to learn by doing. You will find them useful to learn, How to innovate a Business Model, How to build desirable and viable products, How to design experiments to validate your ideas, and Frame your offer to the world.
These kits have been curated and developed through the collective experience of the facilitators and founders at . We have been inspired by folks from across the globe and as life long learners strive to synthesise, practice and share this knowledge.
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Member only Toolkits
User Research Methods

Research and discover your users' world
This guide describes how to prepare, implement and form insights from your user and customer research journey. It covers Research Plan, Field Prep and SenseMaking
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Member only Case Studies
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Case Study
Banking 2030 - Embedded Finance
For the bank of the future to ace innovation it is critical for it to embrace a “design” mindset.
This research study is an attempt to decipher the future of banking and demonstrate how “design” principles and can create not just better customer experiences but build new products and services.
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