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Resources for building successful products, processes & ventures

Resource centre of Business Design Lab

Here you will find method and tools to design your Business/Venture. There are Design methods, innovation tools and templates that the BDL facilitators and practitioners use for their projects.
Business Design Library aspires to build applied research tools for practitioner/action learners, founders, creators, to discover the methods and process most suited for their challenges.

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Welcome to Business Design Lab Resource Center - The Library!

We hope you’ll find these useful for your product, process, business or enterprise.
Here’s a list of all the resources. Some of these are open to all, some are for the registered members and some are for our eyes only. Please don’t try to access them by breaking the encryption. You’ll probably be able convince us into sharing them with half the effort 😉.
These resources have been developed through the collective experience of BDL founders who are life long learners, instructors, facilitators, coaches, consultants and co-creators.

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