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The QuickWork.Co Challenge

Co-Creating Sales Growth
QuickWork is a technology company based in Mumbai, India - a vibrant young team guided by experienced business leaders, creating a rapidly growing global footprint. They are Automation Builder platforms that help integrate multiple systems and communication in one place, making it easy for anyone to set up automation quickly

The Business Challenge

Mobilize the young Sales Team to grow the business and get them ready for global markets; with #WFH challenges.

Re-framed Challenge Statement

How Might We shorten the Sales Cycle – Lead to Deal – in less than 3 sales interactions?
How Might We assist our customer to simplify their user journey and make it frictionless?

Collaborative Insights Generated

Realign focus on customer success and not on platform technical features
Define identity and support the team to confidently communicate their pitch
Kick-off a Strategic Project – Launch of 100 Customers in 100 Days Program.

Results Achieved -

Revenue growth jump by 35% in 30 days
No. of customers acquired increased by 50% in 30 days

New Positioning and Communication
Organization Structure Alignment
High Team Engagement

Lab Process and Outcomes – the 30 Days process

24 hours of facilitated session and >30 hours of team effort (8 hrs/week x 4 Weeks)
Lab 0: Design Thinking Overview 🌏
Intent - Help the team solve their own challenges. During the team on-boarding session, we kicked off the growth projects. 3 teams were formed- each given an innovation-based project and a mandate to lead their team of 4 members each:
1. Channel Partner Program Design
2. Sales Process Experience Design
3. Organization Design
Lab 1: Discover 🔮
User and stakeholder were identified
Journey Map for Partner and Customer were developed
User Jobs To Be Done (JTD) analysis
Sample user interviews were conducted to discover their needs

Lab 2: Define 📏
Research data was translated into insights and improvement opportunities were identified

Lab 9: Organization Design 🌱
We co-created the Organization Vision, Mission, and Identity. The same was shared with the entire team and feedback was collated.
Lab 3: Develop 🔨
Multiple Ideas and user Story Boards
Samples of Interactive Forms, Business Process Models and Sales + CRM Process were developed + implemented
Lab 4: Deliver 📦
Sales Communication Experiments were done
Organization Structuring was done
Product and Process Training was conducted
Marketing and Communication was revamped

Testimonials from QuickWork

🙂 Milind Agarwal, Founder & CEO
“We engaged BDL to intervene at a very critical juncture of our company when we were gearing up for our first step towards growth. But COVID posed its challenges on the young leadership team. We were surprised and delighted to experience our team collaboration and engagement, better than our earlier physical work environment. It is a very unique and innovative virtual lab that solved our challenge.The entire team worked together, in the stated time, experienced both business and team alignment success. We have no hesitation in recommending BDL and their Co-Creation Program to drive business growth for any organization anywhere in the world.”
🧐 Deepak Bhatia, Co-founder
“QuickWork has a very young team of homegrown managers without prior experience. While the team worked hard, the challenges were -
unpredictable funnel
lower growth rates
longer sales closures

What BDL helped us with was -
Structured Process from first call to winning the deal
Communication which built the teams confidence to approach customers right from the manager to the CXO
Predictable customer acquisition and therefore predictable revenues

We achieved a multi-team integrated approach right from product success, visitor success and customer success to help the sales success team deliver the journey in the manner as promised to the customer. We would definitely recommend BDL and their co-creation team to help organizations quickly understand, do a root cause analysis of their problems and find and implement solutions in a clearly defined timeline and budget, for their growth.”

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