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Service Design

Internship for 3 Months - Oct 23 to Jan 22 ​Monthly Stipend - Rs. 40,000/-
Focus Area: Service Design
Journey Mapping
Tutor Journey
School Journey - Diagnostic Event
Website Lead - Free to Paid User Journey - DONE with UX Wireframes
1st Mentor Free Session Experience
Student - Tutor - Parent Journey
User Support
Content UX
Email/Whats App Message Communication Tutor Guide & FAQ Parent Guide & FAQ Social Media Post ​Design
Mentee Report Design Mentor Report Design Certificate Design ​Performance Dashboard Media Post(s)
Support Graphic Designs for given marketing content
Research Focus Motivation for Regular Studies and System Usuage
Management Focus Create Notion Doc to Manage the Service Delivery

4 Ways in which we can help partner with schools
Transformation Program Provide a comprehensive "Tech Transformation Package" that includes hardware, software, training, and support at a special bundled price
Student Diagnostic Assessment Service Value of diagnostic assessment services for students, parents, and educators, highlighting the benefits of identifying and addressing learning gaps, with data driven reports
Student Programs Student Enrichment program that includes access to educational content, tutoring services, and skill-building resources to help students excel in their studies.
Teacher Professional Development program that includes online courses, workshops, and resources to enhance teaching skills

Scale Diagnostic Event

Invitation to Host the Diagnostic Event
Email | 1 pager brochure
Announcement of Event to Students and Parents - Poster | Whats App Message
Registration on the Event Day (Survey Questionnaire of Learning Preferences) - Form
Distribution of the Question Paper - Co-Branded Design
Outside Exam Hall Banner
Collection of Answers Sheets - Envelopes
Off-Line - Report Generation
Co-Branded Student Summary Report and Detailed Report with envelopes
School and Class Reports as Presentation and a Poster
Teacher’s & PTA Workshop (90 minutes) - Online | In Person
Parent’s Open Day
Along with co-branded Reports, Letter from Dynamind to Parents with link to Videos and free tutor session sign-up

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