Design Meeting Tracker

Design Update on Nov 17 2023 - 5 pm
We are working on Figma frames for 2 pages - Home & DGD. Shruti will submit to me for review tomorrow morning
We are waiting for content from Atulji for Test Prep Series and About Us
We will create a single page design for each of the know more section and treat them like a blog but illustration will be different for each page. These “blog” can in phase 2 be further expand and made into a proper landing page.
Our total website page count will be 16 pages (Phase 1 = 6) and 12 user prompt cards as per the UX flow, plus XXXX illustration as well as 3 videos as of now. We need a UI designer for the website and motion graphics guy. For now we feel we can create the story board for the video ourselves.
Proposed that after the website is done Shruti and Me would like to start replicating Jaipur Model in Dehradun (School Diagnostic Event) If approved we can submit a plan by end of the month.
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