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Platform Architecture

This brand architecture positions Dynamind as a versatile and dynamic learning brand, with a range of sub-brands designed to serve the unique needs of students, educators, mentors, and learners.
Each sub-brand is tailored to a specific audience and offers a unique set of features and capabilities, while remaining consistent with the overall Dynamind brand values of adaptability, personalisation, and innovation.

Master Brand: Dynamind

Dynamind StudyDesk

Description: An adaptive learning solution designed to help students achieve academic success through personalised, mentor supported, school curriculum integrated learning experience.
Target Audience: Students, parents, educators
Key Features: Adaptive learning, progress tracking, interactive content, real-time feedback

Dynamind MentorDesk

Description: A powerful mentoring platform designed to help educators, coaches, and mentors provide personalised guidance and support to learners.
Target Audience: Educators, coaches, mentors
Key Features: Progress tracking, communication tools, customisable content, real-time feedback

Dynamind SchoolDesk

Description: A comprehensive learning management system designed for use in schools, offering features and tools to support educators, administrators, and students.
Target Audience: Educators, administrators, students
Key Features: Institute Capacity Creation, Learning Outcomes, Assessment Automation, collaborative learning, analytics and student+parent reporting

Dynamind CommunityDesk

Description: An ecosystem and marketplace of mentors and learners, designed to connect individuals with shared interests and goals and provide opportunities for collaborative learning and growth.
Target Audience: Learners, mentors, experts
Key Features: Mentor matching, community forums, learning resources, host services, courses, events and workshops.

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