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Simple CRM for consultant

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Simple CRM for consultant

Managing prospecting and project monitoring for a freelance consultant can quickly become complicated.
This tool will allow you to monitor 2 important points of your business: - monitoring of commercial prospecting - monitoring your production and in particular the management of time spent per mission

How to use it ?

In your commercial dashboard record all of your contacts and the companies on which they depend
At each contact with your prospect, record an interaction with a report of what was done and any actions to be taken.
So you can find the complete history of your interactions with the contact in just a few moments.
A signed contract? Make the company a customer and it will automatically appear in your production monitoring

In your production dashboard you will be able to record customer engagement letters.
Each time you intervene on a mission you will be able to record it and time the time passing using 2 start and end buttons.
At any time you know the time passing on the mission, the time remaining as well as the progress of the mission. If you have several projects to follow within a mission, it is possible to assign an intervention to a specific project

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