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AI-BO Campaign Guide

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This is where you get to specify the demographic attributes of the audience you want to answer the survey. You will also see the pricing breakdown. This is so that you can estimate the total price when you select how many responses you want in the form.

You can edit any of your responses after submitting the audience form until the campaign goes live.


This is where you write the questions that will go to the target audience.
The first thing you’ll need to do is edit the campaign objectives and rank them from 1 → 4 in order of importance to least important.

Then, add your questions to the table and categorise them according to question type, and objective. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and lost for ideas; head to our
page and look through a curated list of example questions for inspiration. If you want to add a question to your survey, just click the button and it will add automatically 🔥


This is where you’ll see a summary of everything that’s occurred: the completion status, the price estimate, the completion date. You will also navigate to the survey results from this page.

If you’re lacking confidence or direction for how to craft your survey this is a great place to go for guidance and help.

explains some of the best practices for writing surveys.

is a page full of survey template examples for different use cases. If you like a question, you can easily add it to your survey by clicking the “Add question” button.

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Customers Need

Know the pricing
Know how to pay
Select the audience
Create the questions
Complete the order
Know how results will come

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