Coda Pack Funding Proposal

Agile Dynamics Business Outline
Existing Projects
Agile Methodology (SCRUM, TOC, LEAN) Applied to Non IT Operations (Backoffice Operations)
Hyper-Focus Team Productivity System (Notion → Coda) Mentor Tech Execs
Extensive Deployment of WORKFLOW Solutions
No IT Dept!, Power-Users Maintain & Extend Functionality
EXCEL, Google Sheets, Macros, UIPath & Zapier Tools (→ Notion → CODA)
Highly Controlled Environments (FDA, FAA, SEC, GAP) → Audits & Certifications → Ethereum
No-Code; CODA, Thunkable, AppGyver, Open Simulator (3D Metaverse Training)
Translators for VBA, Python, JS, Clojure, Ethereum/Rigidity, Open Simulator/LSL
Agile Dynamics Proposal
Migrate Existing Workflow Automation Macros & Scripts
EXCEL & Visual Basic
Google Sheets & JavaScript
Notion API & Python
Ethereum Crypto Contracts + Clojure
Language Conversions To CODA CFL → Actions & Buttons
VBA Visual Basic (already prototyped here)
JavaScript (already prototyped with Paul Danyliuk)
Python (similar to VBA)
Clojure (almost identical to CFL)
Funding Outputs
Packs for Each Language
Syntax Checking
Test Environment
Promotional Materials
Coda Document - Tutorials
Video Tutorials
Published Packs & Documents
Ongoing Technical Support
Funding Mechanism
Development, Testing & Promotional Materials
$20,000 = 2 people @50% for 3 months
Statement of Work SOW
Agreement specifying exact deliverables
Acceptance Tests
Schedule of Payment SOP
Defines when Invoices will be Due for Payment
List of Milestones, Deliverables, Amounts Due
OR: Pack Funding Method?
IPO & Pack Sales
Agile Dynamics retains IP or owns IP?
IP Ownership & Protection (Bad Experience!)
Client Ownership & Rewards (Bad Experience!)
Pack Sales: Tiered Pricing (Single User vs Enterprise vs Our Own Clients)

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