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Netwealth Currency Interview Test


Your approach to the following tasks will depend on the specific developer role you're applying for at Netwealth, as well as your current skillset. The aim of this brief is to provide a single exercise that can be applied to all candidates.


We’d like you to build an app that enables users to convert an amount from one currency to another.

Step 1

If you're applying for a back-end position:
Please use C# and any Azure resource types you feel are appropriate to build an API that enables end-users to convert an amount from one currency to another.
If you're unfamiliar with these specific backend frameworks, you may use any other appropriate language and resources.
If you're applying for a front-end position:
You may use Fixer’s API: for your backend.
It’s worth noting that Fixer's free plan has limitations. Your code submission can either assume that the API works and that you have a valid key, mock the responses, or come up with creative workarounds to achieve success.

Step 2

Using a frontend framework, create an application that enables users to convert an amount from one currency to another.
While we prefer that you use Angular, you may also use Ionic, Blazor, or ASP.Net MVC.
Users should be able to:
Select a source currency
Input an amount
Select a destination currency
The application should then convert and display the result.
Please deliver your software as a link to a GitHub repository that we can review.


We ask that you spend one or two evenings on this exercise.


Once you've completed the exercise, please send the link to your GitHub repository (along with any other supporting information or links) to .

Bonus points

You can earn bonus points if you:
Develop a solution that runs on Azure (you can obtain to be used within 30 days).
Implement good state management using NgRx.
Include unit tests.
Use interfaces and types for models.
Organise your code well.

Next steps

After submitting your solution, members of our engineering team will conduct a code review, and we will invite you to demonstrate and talk through your work

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