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Pangea Launch Team
Pangea Launch Team

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Support Product Hunt Launch

On April 11th at 12:01 PST, we’ll be launching Pangea on Product Hunt.
Our goal is to be number 1 for the day, and to do that we need votes and comments from our community (that’s you!).
Make sure to create an account early.
When we go live, please go upvote us and drop a comment explaining why you like what we’re building. This will help us climb in the rankings. If you can, also share the link on your LinkedIn with a caption that says “We’re live on PH! Excited to be working with Pangea to help talent find work ... (insert your own twist)”
If we are number 1, they will include us in the daily newsletter which goes out to 100k people!
This would be huge!!!
Make sure to follow us on PH:

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