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Pangea Company Wiki

Our Product Today

Our Product today is a freelance platform that connects college students/recent grads with clients for contract work considered professional services (e.g. marketing, design, engineering).

Our Freelancers (we call them Pangeans) are independent contractors who in essence are running their own businesses serving clients. This is a distinct mindset from being an “intern.”

They get to set their own rates, determine working hours, and have flexibility in how they complete work. Pangeans are our partners. Without them we don’t exist.

Clients (companies that hire and pay Pangeans) are our customers. At the end of the day, the best way to serve our Pangeans (according to the CEO of Etsy) is to find them “buyers.”

Our product therefore has two-sides; each with a unique value, user experience, and feature set.

Students and recent grads can create accounts using either a .edu or .ca email address (alumni addresses work as well).

They also create profiles which contain their bio, work experience, and links to portfolio work (if they have).

They get access to a feed of jobs which clients posted, and can submit proposals to jobs where they specify their preferred compensation and answer any screening questions the client might have added.

They have a dashboard where they can track the status of their proposals, respond to interview invites, and accept offers from the client.

Once “hired,” Pangeans use Pangea to track their time, mark tasks as complete, and submit invoices. We use Stripe to facilitate payments, allowing the Pangeans to accept payments from clients.

Pangea keeps 5-20% of the amount students invoice clients. The more a Pangean billd clients, the lower our fees become for them

Every time a client pays, they also leave feedback for the Pangean (Needs Improvement, Met Expectations, Exceeded Expectations).

At the end of the year, we mail the student a 1099 and file this with the IRS (note: we don’t withhold any taxes for the Pangean, and they may owe taxes based on their net earnings).

Companies can create accounts on Pangea, as well as a company profile (and an individual profile associated with the company). The first user to create a company is considered the admin, and can invite/approve other members to join the company.

Once a company account is created, they can post a job via our streamlined flow.

Every job is manually reviewed by our team, where we check to see if the email domain is associated with the actual company website (not just a gmail) and look the user up on Social Media. We will often call the user to verify their identity.

Once approved, we send notifications to the relevant students who can then send proposals.

Clients can see all proposals in the platform via our Job Manager (which in essence is a striped down ATS). Clients can message students, shortlist them, invite them to an interview, and ultimately send them an offer.

They can also browse our entire student database and invite a specific students to submit proposals.

Clients have a limited number of invites they can send (as well as how many students they can connect with). they can upgrade their account for $600 per year to lighten these restrictions.

Once a Pangean accepts their offer, they can delegate tasks to them and track their progress. They use Pangea to pay the Pangean’s invoices (there is a 5% fee on the client side) and they don’t have any responsibility to file a 1099 at the end of the year.

If they client wants to hire a student and take them off-platform, they pay us a Graduation fee (opt-out fee) of $2,500 and we release them from our Terms which require they use the payment gateway.

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