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Guiding Principals

Along the way, we’ve learned that having a shared set of values is key creating an environment where we can solve problems together.

We believe that trust is built on transparency (and consistency). We strive be radically transparent and forthcoming with all our stakeholders about our decision making process and results.

🏃 In action: Be communicative with the team and honest with yourself. We promise to be the same!

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

🏃 In action: Continually challenge yourself. Go above and beyond what is expected of you. Embrace adversity as an opportunity for self improvement.

We believe that empathy is the key to compassion. We know that we don't also know what is happening in someone else's world; therefore we approach each interaction open minded with both ears open ready to listen and put ourselves in the other persons shoes.

🏃 In action: Be patient. And always seek to understand context and do research. Put yourself in the other persons shoes and don’t assume anything.

Vision into Action
Ideas are great, but not if they never leave your head. We value putting your ideas into action and creating an environment where everyone is enabled to do so. No idea is too crazy to try. All we ask is you try ;)

🏃 In action: Be punctual (show up to meetings and deliver on time). Have a bias towards action and take ownership. Be a Problem Solver.

Empower Others
Our mission is centered around empowering both students and companies to more easily work together to create value in the world. Everything we do is to empower them. And everything we do internally is to empower each other.

🏃 In action: Educate (without belittling). Find ways to make other peoples lives easier. Remove blockers for (and don’t bottleneck) others on the team

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