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The Active Inference Institute is learning & applying Active Inference
is an open-science institute dedicating to improving the accessibility, rigor, and applicability of the Active Inference framework.
For the more , see our most recent overview () and read the August 2023 paper “”.
All backgrounds, time zones, time availability, and level of familiarity with Active Inference are welcome to participate in the Institute.

How to :

See active and past
Learn more the and at the Institute:
for proposing projects at the Institute.
for reporting updates from the Ecosystem.
See to participate in a Textbook Group
See to learn about contributing to projects at the Institute.
See to learn about the Internship program at the Institute.
Join the , where all meetings are held in voice chat.
Reach out to us directly at with questions or ideas.

How to get started with Active Inference?

The 2022 Textbook: “” by Thomas Parr, Giovanni Pezzulo, Karl J. Friston
See to join an Textbook Group, learning about this textbook in a collaborative setting.
” by Maxwell Ramstead (October 2023)
” by Beren Millidge
A. Levenchuk, 2015 “
“An Active Inference Ontology for Decentralized Science: from Situated Sensemaking to the Epistemic Commons”, .
” 2018 conversation-style interview with Karl Friston.

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