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ActInfLab Onboarding

Welcome to the Active Inference Lab

Active Inference Lab (ActInfLab
) is a participatory open-science laboratory curating and developing applications related to the Active Inference framework.

Here is the link to register as a participant for ActInfLab in 2022 —
. All backgrounds, time zones, time availabilities, and level of familiarity with Active Inference are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Lab

ActInfLab is active on the following platforms:
Would you like to see us active somewhere else? There are endless opportunities for participation in the lab. Take us to your platform of choice, or help to increase our activity by promoting us on any of the existing platforms.

The ActInfLab comprises three main participatory units, each with its own weekly meeting time and separate coda document.
All ActInfLab activities and projects are fully participatory — please get involved by showing up to any/all of the following regular weekly meetings:
has two meetings: every Monday at 13 UTC and 23 UTC
In .edu (Education) we scaffold projects related to education of ActInfLab participants and the broader community, for example by developing course materials and an open-source Active Inference ontology.
meets every Tuesday at 18 UTC
In .comms (Communication), we deal with internal and external communications for the Lab, for example planning livestreams and managing social media posts.
meets every Thursday at 16 UTC
In .tools (Tools) we work on various tools related to the function of the Lab (such as our cloud infrastructure) and applications of Active Inference (for example developing cognitive ActInf agents).
Is there a unit you want to participate in but can never make the meetings? Reach out to us directly at
with a proposed meeting time.

What have we discussed on livestreams?
Check out the recent live streams listed in the table on this
(and it is an ongoing project that anyone can contribute to, to help us to complete the documentation).

What do we want to discuss?
Check out potential papers
, or add your own!

What are some background readings/videos to get started?
4th Quarterly Roundtable meeting from 2021:
“Active Inference & Behavior Engineering for Teams”, 2020:
"Spinning Up in Active Inference and the Free Energy Principle" by Jared Tumiel
“FEP and Active Inference Paper Repository” by Beren Millidge
A. Levenchuk, 2015 “Towards a Systems Engineering Essence”
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