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Textbook Group

registers you to participate in the Active Inference on the book “Active Inference: The Free Energy Principle in Mind, Brain, and Behavior” By Thomas Parr, Giovanni Pezzulo and Karl J. Friston (
The Textbook Group is about learning Active Inference in an open science setting. All backgrounds and level/type of familiarity with Active Inference are welcomed and encouraged!
See the completed playlists of , , , , .
Cohort 6 will continue, and Cohort 7 will begin, in the coming months (~June 2024).
The main focus of the Textbook Group is to help you learn Active Inference. We’re expecting lots of different backgrounds, but our goal is to meet you where you’re at to help you understand the textbook.
There will be no wrong answers or incorrect questions. You’ll be encouraged to make connections with what’s familiar and authentic to you. The textbook includes connections to biology, psychology, physics, mathematics, computer programming, etc.
Group facilitators and participants will be actively maintaining and updating the Coda, which we use as a shared epistemic niche. Facilitators will be available to answer questions and connect you with other participants to compliment and reinforce learning. If you’re interested in facilitating please indicate in the form above.
The Institute is exploring exciting research and applications of Active Inference. The Textbook Group is a great place to learn more about this. If you’re interested to learn more, please let one of the course facilitators know.


Registration is open, !

This Onboarding will be an email from , containing a link to the Coda document that will be the single source of truth for this Textbook Group cohort.
The Coda will have supporting material and learning practices to understand each chapter, information about how to contribute, as well as information on the calendar of the Textbook Group. Everyone will have an individual learning space, so you can easily share your work, collaborate with others, and get help.

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