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The link to apply for an at Active Inference Institute is at the bottom of this page.
Read on for more details:

Internship Format

The Internship at Active Inference Institute is a 1-6 month long program (customized to situation and timing of each person).
Most work will be done on your own time. Most synchronous interactions will be in the context of AII group meetings.
You will be assigned 1 or more mentor, and have periodic synchronous and asynchronous check-ins with them.
There are two primary components to the Internship
Education: Participation in Learning Groups at
Research: Participation in at and/or catalyze the Intern’s personal research/development work.

Benefits of the Internship

For the Intern:
Increased familiarity, expertise, and knowledge about Active Inference
Practical experience with team working and Project-specific skills.
Upon completion of term of internship:
Acknowledgement and Certification that one completed the Internship with the duration and focus specified.
Availability of research infrastructure in future, consideration for paid positions
Possible letter of recommendation (this is up to the person you ask)
For Active Inference Institute:
Increased participation in Projects & Learning Group.
Advancement of projects & increased impact/service to the .
Implementation of our in terms of participation, engagement, and methodology.

Intern Responsibilities

Active and documented participation in Learning Groups and Projects.
Active communication with Learning Groups, Projects, and Mentor.
Openness to adapting the Internship approach as needed.
Staying balanced and healthy.

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