Our Econo-lytics platform is a digital space where we dump all of the economic research we do for our Youtube and podcast platforms.
Whereas our core team researchers will do all of the research for our “curriculum” (historical economics, classical thinkers, and textbook applications - see below), we will open up the platform to the public to do research on industries (e.x. oil and gas, steel, digital networks).

We intend to maintain a critical perspective while at the same time being sympathetic to the corporate and political consensuses and narratives. We hope to create an open, non-biased, encyclopedia-like wiki for students, professionals, and armchair economists.
We intend to build this platform for five years - the length of our curriculum. All the while access will be public and public research will occur industry by industry starting with the largest and working our way down like rungs on a ladder. After five years - whence we should have a solid grounding of economics and over 50 “industry breakdowns” (if all goes according to plan) - we will make it a subscription based membership and also offer a hard-copy encyclopedia. Research on industries will continue indefinitely.
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