DMF Initial Report

Order of Operations

Company Analysis
Identifying Needs
Setting Benchmarks & Plan of Action

4. Cultural Support: Management Advice and Employee Motivation
5. Scaling Preparedness & Growth
6. Re-evaluate & Re-implement
1. Company Analysis:
Cash on Hand
Credit Limits
Monthly Expenses
Main Market
Niche Markets

2. Needs
Warehouse “Engineering”
Management Consulting
Shipment Solutions & Unboxing Experience

[Teams: For regular work... Consultants: For niche work]
3., 4., 5., → contribute [we need your help]

What’s Critical? Everything. What we needPassionate Oversight
→ Passionate workers (need) managers that can balance teams and motivate workers [down the hierarchy]... continually grow and offer people quality work with quality wages.
→ Scaling is key. Continually offering employees opportunities for growth. Why? What Motivates us? Retirement. The Good Life. Passion.

Who will we take? Minor amounts from (small) small biz’s?
→ YES!... $5k/mo. or 10% (of profits)... whichever is lower. → For (small) small biz’s: marketing, SEO, and management advice ⇸ [find a few solutions every month. Work with them to explore and grow.]

❀✿We intend for you to be long-term customers✿❀

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