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An all-around economic consulting firm and brotherhood, we envision making large changes for a beautiful future: together. Identifying as a democratic institution, we accept input and advice from our members.
Our members are the fuel of our organization (check out the membership page for membership perks). They allow all of our operations, allow us to dream of a better future, and five us the means to keep working. We have three phases to our operations:

Phase 1
Create platforms and a self-reinforcing marketing platform. Build mass membership. Then expand the marketing platform to include small-businesses.
Phase 2
Add a new branch to our services: DMF (Dept. of Mass Flourishing). We intend to change the motives of professional services from efficiency and profits to ethics - (accounting, healthcare, etc.).
Phase 3
Add the last branch to our services - economic consulting. Through uniting the best thinkers in economics, we intend to apply the best ideas to solving issues from poverty to urban development and sustainability.
Gig-Marketing Platform :
Digital Solutions:
Pure Transparency:
Crystal Ball

We have a long-term vision and want to bring you on board. Learn about us, join us, and contribute to us.

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