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About Asabiyyah


'Asabiyyah (Arabic: عصبيّة, romanized: ʿaṣabiyya, also 'asabiyya, 'group feeling' or 'social cohesion') is a concept of social solidarity with an emphasis on unity, group consciousness, and a sense of shared purpose and social cohesion.


The concept of Asabiyyah Economics arrived through a single notion: "You can change the world."
After simmering in the pot (my brain) for almost a decade (a decade of disgruntled work and intellectual frustration), this idealistic notion turning into concrete model is Asabiyyah. It is in the process of evolving - we call it pepetual beta (like wikipedia and others) - and once we have the foundation down, then we can do the work. It will not spread and crystallize until we have you - we believe we can change the world, but we don't think we can do it without you. Asabiyyah is a collaborative platform for all idealists, dreamers, activists, and others who want to work for change - or maybe are simply disillusioned with professional/bureaucratic conventions.
We don't believe in disruption in the sense of civil disobedience. We believe in working productively, consistently, and conscientiously, and together, to work for large ambitions. We believe, together, with some highly intelligent minds (like the one you have) we can change the tide of history for the best.
We harness the best ideas in economics - from past to present - and unite them with skilled professionals in all disciplines - from data scentists to writers and artists. It's simply creative nuclear fission.
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