ReGENerative Education

The Value of Schools

At the center of a community is a school - serving as a meeting point and demonstration site for the kind of future the community wants to create.
Children are much more adaptive learners than adults and schools can serve as unique interfaces between generations. They are agents of socialization and present massive opportunities for shaping the future.
The way children are encouraged to enquire, collaborate with each other, and apply their knowledge to real-world situations, impacts how they will interact with the realities ahead of them. This approach facilitates connection with local history, culture, and nature where children find meaning in their learning and purpose and belonging in their community.
Schools are generally an underutilized resource in community development. A regenerative approach to education recognises that they are natural centers in the community where people gather for various reasons, sharing a general sense of respect and an openness to engage, unite, and potentially transform.
When operating at their full potential, schools enable communication and learning, acting as a bridge for new practices and paradigms to flow into the community, as community members of all ages engage with school activities.

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