ReGENerative Education


Progressively improve the whole individual (body, mind, and spirit)
Express the essence of the individual and the learner’s innate potential embedded in the larger reality they inhabit
Continually cultivate just and reciprocal relationships with others, communities and nature
Honor the interconnected and mutually influential relationship between people and the ecosystems where they live
Promote justice, equity, compassion and cooperation
Honor the uniqueness and creative expression of each person
Look to the past and the future, our elders and our youth, for wisdom in order to bridge the inter-generational gap
Look to uplift every person to create conditions for peace and prosperity for everyone
Reward diversity, inclusivity, generosity, creativity, innovation and collective intelligence
Understand that life is iterative and ever-changing, that change is the only constant, that evolution has gotten us where we are today

Regenerative Schools balance traditional and innovative practices, respecting and creatively weaving the history of local culture into solutions that meet needs for the future. These diverse places of learning serve the learners by igniting their senses and channeling their natural curiosity. When children are allowed to learn by doing and through relationships with each other and the adults that support them, this sets the foundation for thriving communities.
Regenerative schools...
Reconnect learners and communities to their own cultures, ecosystems, and history
Support communities in their own pathways to sustainable development
Transform schools into living examples of local resilience and abundance
Utilize the full potential of schools as intergenerational centers of collaboration
Counter cultural erosion caused by colonialism and globalization
Provide an alternative to unsustainable models of land use and global development
Spread collaborative, project-based education for sustainable development
Equip the next generation and their parents with hands-on skills for locally appropriate regeneration, climate change adaptation, and social entrepreneurship
Strengthen resilience and food security where undernourishment is rampant
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