Lunchclub for web3

How will people meet in the metaverse when all you have is access to their wallet?
Our take on it - Using ENS!
Your ENS is linked to an account/wallet - which also holds access to your NFTs, transactions done etc. The benefit ens provides is the ability to provide proof that you are not a bot + link to your other social medias (to share this or not is upto you - we will mostly be using your activity on the blockchain to find similar users)
We first used graph protocol to fetch data on all ENS that exists, those ens where then converted to addresses via
For these addresses we fetched the following data -
NFTs bought
NFTs created
transactions done

NFTs bought and created are run through Image and Language models and an aggregated vector is produced.
Transactions are used to determine what smart contracts the user has interacted with.
A lot more features can be created - If users have bought NFTs from the same creator, how long the users has been transacting on the blockchain, where user has staked money etc.
Such features are created then used to find similar users to the ENS.
The user can then message the user directly on .
We can later convert it into something like lensprotocol - All communities can directly connect to our API and provides matching inside their platform for better experience.
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