Professional Product Photography Can Work Wonders For You on Ecommerce Platforms

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The human brain is a marvel of nature. Its functioning, even more marvelous, makes it all the more enigmatic. It has its unique way of processing whatever kind of input we throw at it. If this input happens to be an image, it usually takes around 13 milliseconds to process it and arrive at an output conclusion. In the e-commerce space, this scientific fact could have far-reaching implications since a photograph is the only face of your product a customer gets to see before buying it. This means that you usually don’t have much time to make a lasting first impression on your customers.
What shoppers see is often the most prominent deciding factor in whether they will buy the product or not. Great photos of products testify to their quality and the value associated with them. Besides, they also establish transparency in your eCommerce business. It is, therefore, crucial to choose a professional product photographer while posting your products for sale online. If you are running a jewelry business or any other ecommerce business, and would like to hiring a professional or product photographer is the best option. Let us explore the types of eCommerce product photos and get you on your way to getting that perfect shot of your products.
Types of eCommerce product photos
1. Clean-cut, white background, product-only photographs
The most common type of images that one usually comes across in product catalogs and product pages, such photographs focus primarily on the product itself and feature a simple, no-frills background. The item is displayed from multiple angles and distances in such photographs.
2. Lifestyle photographs or in-context photos
Such photographs aim at bringing your product to life by featuring it in action. They are often photographed with a model sporting or using the product. This way your customers can envision what it would look like to use your product in everyday life.
Product photography increases conversions: Here’s why
While the quality of your product may be top-notch, if your product images do not match that same quality, you may likely not see any significant increase in sales. Your products’ quality and value are represented by their photographs. If clicked well, photographs have the potential to increase conversions and boost sales in the long run. Product images are a key element of branding, and high-quality product images enhance every buyer touchpoint.
Hire a professional product photographer
For professional-looking photos of your products, you may consider hiring a product photography agency. However, while doing so, always give due consideration to . Some professional photographers are way too pricey. Hiring such photographers or agencies may burn a hole in your pocket and the returns you enjoy thereupon may turn out to be way less than the investment you made in hiring such photographers. Therefore, always go for reasonably priced photographers who can lend a fine touch of professionalism to your product photos by making use of professional editing tools.

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