Is there a Ghost in your photograph?

What is reflective product photography?
You may sometimes capture an image that displays the reflection of an object. It could be a lit-up lamp or the rays of the sun. This is hiding your product or dimming the light in the photo. It’s a day wasted on a photoshoot you planned to do by yourself. We suggest hiring a professional photographer as what you are experiencing is a common issue of .
What is reflective product photography?
Reflective product photography is the technique of clicking objects that reflect light at the camera lens. It can also include the sun rays or artificial lights falling within the frame. This results in reflecting light at the lens elements, and off the sensor.
When light is reflected at the camera lens, the image quality reduces to a great extent. Unwanted reflections of objects present appear within the frame. This effect is known as ‘flare’ or ‘ghosting’. It can impact images by drastically reducing image contrast, introducing a haze of colors. Odd-shaped semi-transparent objects; circular or semi-circular halos or ‘ghosts’ can appear, ruining the quality of the photo.
A camera lens has several polished glass lenses. Each of these lenses can act as a mirror. Some of the light reflected might pass through the lens while some of it hits other surfaces within the lens array. That is why you see some photos depicting flare or ghost images.
While each lens is coated with a transparent mineral coat, its thickness can be adjusted to eliminate unwanted reflections. Photographers, therefore, aim the camera away from the direction of any bright light.
Regardless, a professional product photographer is required for reflective product photography. Atlanta-based EtherArts Product Photography Studio offers great deals and affordable packages on . Let the professionals get it right for you and your business.

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