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How to click photos of reflective products: Tips and Tricks

In this world of growing media, pictures stand out a lot. With so many different businesses moving online, the need for images has multiplied. If you're a business owner, going digital is essential for your business to thrive. However, if your brand has products that are not easy to capture, we recommend reflective product photography services for you. If you're dealing in watches, sunglasses, etc. then there is a high chance that the products will cause a lens flare. Follow these tips to ensure that visibility and image quality is not compromised with such products!
Box Backlighting
If your brand is looking to photograph products like transparent glass bottles, bulbs, etc., box backlighting is your way to go. This setup is one in which you place a light source directly behind your product. The position of the light source needs to be adjusted to ensure that the brightest part of light shines through the glassware. This helps in emphasizing the natural curves and outer lines of the product. Level the product along with the light source to ensure that they’re on the same plane.
After this, you'll need a light diffuser. Using a thin white sheet of cloth or paper can work. However, ideally, an umbrella is the best option to go for. Clicking such pictures may be quite difficult and consistency matters. Hiring a firm that specializes in reflective product photography in Miami is a good option for you to get the most accurate product pictures that you want.
Side Lighting
If you have a product range that is full of intricate details in the design, side lighting is for you. It ensures that each intricate pattern on your product is well exposed to the camera. For side lighting, you'll need a large table, foam boards, umbrellas, strobe light, a roll of seamless white paper, etc. The lighting also needs to be changed according to the varying degrees that expose the detail of a product the most. This is why we recommend contacting a professional product photography firm in Miami. They know all about the details and can get you the best results quickly. It saves you a considerable amount of time that you can invest in growing your business.
Double overhead lighting for metals
Metal products are one of the most difficult ones to photograph. The reason is that your metal product will reflect light and cause lens flares. To use double overhead lighting you'll need a table, umbrellas, a white paper sweep, etc. The light needs to be positioned on either side and diffused using the umbrella. The camera needs to be pointed downwards to avoid the lens from taking in light directly.
We recommend that you hire a reflective product photography firm in Miami. These companies have professionals who have been taking product images for a long time and can quickly give you results. Owning a business in Miami means a lot of competition, and time is of the essence! Go online and find the right firm to suit your needs today!

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